Mindfulness Cards

All the thoughts, swirling around in your head. Can you stop them? There is a lot on your plate. Do you sometimens wish the day was over already?

Mindfulness cards are here for you to help you with: 

  • not worrying about the past
  • finding happiness in the small things
  • handling difficult situations
  • accepting & adapting to whatever is happening

You can use them anytime, anywhere. You don’t need anything else. Just 2 minutes of your time to read them. Then, it’s up to you to practice. They are your guide to more joyful being. THERE IS STRENGTH IN THE SMALL THINGS. 


Using mindfulness. Therapeutic technique used for handling stress and negative emotions. You can read more on my blog here (in Czech language).

It is a set of 31 both-sided “business cards”, that you can easily carry even in smaller handbag. Their design will lighten up every day for you. You don’t even have to carry whole set with you all the time. You can choose different card for every day and carry it in your diary or wallet.


Are you curious why Mindfulness Cards were created?

I personally went through significant change, from stressed and burned-out office pen-pusher all the way to the happy woman I am now. Mindfulness is one of the practices that helped me on my path. You can read more about my personal journey below.

My mindfulness teacher is Kasha Korda from Mindfullife.

People said about Mindfulness Cards

Mindfulness Cards are a great tool to stop the whirl of everyday worries, to take a moment for yourself, to be present and connect to yourself and your heart. When you stop, inhale and let yourself be inspired by one of the Mindfulness cards, you can find the deep wisdom that your life is trying to pass on to you. I have a feeling that the Mindfulness Cards always hit the nail on the head and have exactly the message I need to get at that moment, they are great!

Maru managed to put all the important stuff in a miniature leather bag. Useful inspiration for practice, when we are standing in line, on the playground with children, etc. Great source of inspiration for how to easily and cheaply welcome the treasures of mindfulness into our lives. In addition, the Mindfulness Cards come in a beautiful leather case, ready to fly with us around the world. Great deed.

The story of Mindfulness Cards

Mindfulness Cards – mindfulness practice for each day of the month. Motivational cards that make a gentle and unpretentious company for mindfulness practice

and teach to return the mind to the present moment. They are a guide to happier living.

How it all began.

Anxiety, sadness, panic attacks… this trio accompanied me for most of my life. And it was not easy. One day I decided that I no longer want it that way. I longed for laughter, freedom of soul and joyful life experiences.

I decided to take an ice bath for the first time. Suddenly everything stopped, including my thoughts, and it was JUST MY BODY, HERE AND NOW. It was a very powerful experience. My ice bath guide happened to also be a teacher of mindfulness. So I signed up for learning it.

During that period, my „old gray world“ was suddenly transforming into a cheerful, colorful life. Out of great gratitude, I began to write brief notes on the practice of this art of living in the present moment.

And as a result, the Mindfulness Cards – the practice of mindfulness for each day of the month – were created. Instructions for happier living in your pocket. In the beginning, they helped me keep my attention HERE and NOW… and then I shaped them and offered them to the world.


What are Mindfulness Cards?

Motivation Mindfulness Cards – a series of 31 simple practices that I have created for everyone who wants to move on their journeys and with the help of mindfulness – to flow more easily through the pitfalls of life. Personally, the art of living in the present moment turned my life upside down, emptied brothels and old dirt out of my pockets, and put everything back in its place. Life feels so much easier for me now. Therefore, spreading mindfulness has been my goal ever since.

These short daily practices of mindfulness you can practice anytime and anywhere.

With the Mindfulness Cards, you will have the inspiration for mindfulness for every day, until it becomes a part of your daily life…

What to do with Mindfulness Cards?

A small pause for every day.

Motivational mindfulness cards, that return your shattered mind back to you, to your calmness and safety.

You can have them in a permanent place, pull one every morning and then make the day all about it.

You can carry them with you – in your pocket, handbag, backpack, “pocketpurse” (http://www.springy.cz), and use them anytime you need them…

You can just read through them.

You can also put some of them into your friend’s pockets or handbags… Can you think of anything else? I will be happy to read about it 